Route Optimizer

Find better container routes for your trade lanes

Emissions and lead-times for container routes all over the world. Filter for specific locations and operators, and find routes that better fit the needs of your trade lanes.

Global coverage

Find better container routes anywhere in the world, with our database of real container shipping schedules.

Routes that fit your needs

Set maximum lead times and emissions targets for a realistic and sustainable approach.

Address to address

Fill in any address anywhere in the world, our routes are not limited to ports or terminals.


Discover which trade lanes can be improved

Get insights into your emissions and lead time for any trade lane or shipment you want to analyse. Prioritize lanes that have a lot of potential to reduce emissions.


Find alternatives that fit your needs

Save time by filtering out routes that are not appropriate for you. Filter on:

  • Operators
  • Modalities
  • Ports, terminals, and cities
  • Lead time, emissions, and transfers
Detailed comparison

Compare the details and decide how to improve

Compare each alternative through one detailed overview. Save alternatives you like, or share them with your colleagues, and decide on how to improve your trade lanes.


Start optimizing

  1. Get in touch

    Get in touch with us and we will discuss how to prepare your data. It is as easy as providing an excel. Note, in the future we will make this step available without you having to contact us.

  2. Upload your data

    Provide us with your data, which can be done in excel, and we will load it into your account.

  3. Optimize

    Now that your data is in the tool, you can freely start exploring alternatives for your container trade lanes.

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