Brado Logística expands borders & markets

Brado Logística expands borders and markets via the Routescanner platform

Brado Logística is an innovative rail operator that drives on technology and stands for reliability and sustainability. Offering multimodal solutions, it owns 5 large-scale multimodal terminals. With their own special custom clearance facility in Bauru - São Paulo and strategic locations all over Brazil, the company is responsible for moving more than 331,000 TEUs every year. When Igor Coffani, Project Manager at Brado Logística, heard about Routescanner, he was immediately enthusiastic. ‘Two companies investing in new technologies can make much more impact than just one. With potential clients all over the world, it is important to be visible on the digital map. Together we hope to reach more clients worldwide that are looking for reliable multimodal services in Brazil.’

With potential clients all over the world, it is important to be visible on the digital map.

Igor Coffani

Digital transformation as the perfect fit

Brado Logística has a progressive approach to digital transformation. They have therefore developed their own IT services to serve their customers even better. With their mobile app ‘WeBrado’, the company enables its customers to get real-time tracking of transportation, both truck and rail. ‘By offering our clients advanced digital services, we can measure data more securely and use it as input to optimise our business processes,’ says Flavio Aguilar, IT Manager at Brado Logística. He continues: ‘Routescanner complements all this, because we are constantly looking for new technologies to market our services internationally. With Routescanner’s digital service, we hope to expand borders and access new markets.’

Brado Logística believes in a greener container route

Brado Logística is proud to contribute to the preservation of the environment and therefore promotes sustainable routes to its customers. Taine Machado, Executive Quality and Process Manager at Brado Logística, elaborates: ‘We have just launched a new feature in our digital app which shows customers how much CO2 they’ve saved by choosing Brado’s multimodality to transport their cargo. A platform like Routescanner is a great addition to show CO2 emissions in door-to-door container route options around the world.’


Well connected on the global map

Brado Logística is happy to see that they are well connected and firmly visible on the global map. ‘We are opening new routes here in Brazil and believe that Routescanner brings even more opportunities. The value of Routescanner is that the platform shows our routes to shippers & freight forwarders globally, not just to the clients in our existing network. It’s great to be collaborating with Routescanner to achieve transparency in global container shipping,’ says Douglas Goetten, Commercial Director at Brado Logística.

Patrick Gommers, Business Manager at Routescanner, adds: ‘I am proud that Brado Logística is the first South American operator to be visible on the Routescanner platform. Brado Logística is an important link between the hinterland of Brazil and the rest of the world. The more operators that join, the greater the value of the platform. For example, we have seen that the adoption by deep sea carriers has a positive impact for inland operators, and we therefore expect more operators to join our platform this year.’

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